Travelling Conveyor Chain Grate Combustion Systems
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It is a firing unit in the form of a travelling chain grate mounted under the water  tubes combustion chamber. The grate is made of heat resistant special alloy casting materials.

Chain parts are designed to form thin air channels between them, which can provide combustion from the entire surface. The combustion capacity can be maintained at a desired level by providing a number of air ducts and adjustment flaps to the required combustion air beneath the grate.

By using frequency converter in the drive system, the grate speed is automatically adjusted according to the combustion efficiency.

The travelling chain grate unit is delivered as a complete assembly. The steam boiler is placed on the grate unit.

This ensures that the field assembly is completed in a very short time. 

In the steam boiler, the passages of the flames are kept long and a great part of the heat energy generated by burning is kept in the boiler and used in steam production.

Thanks to the steam reserve of the boiler with fire tube, the steam production that is desired at the time of the process is easily met(Priming Durability). Very fast steam production is achieved thanks to the water pipe furnace. The steam production variability within its capacity is very wide. (Wide Modulation) 

Change of the boiler pipes with flame and smoke pipe; opening the front and rear doors is very comfortable
it can be done in a way.