Travelling Conveyor Chain Grate Front Combustion Chamber Steam Boiler
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The use of solid fuels in boilers for heat and steam production is much more economical than liquid and gas fuel products.

The use of other solid fuels, such as domestic production coal or by-products from the enterprises as fuel, will save the factory and our country.

In boilers designed and manufactured to burn liquid or gas fuels, they are inadequate in terms of combustion volumes when solid fuels are burned.

These boilers are coal, sawdust, wood pieces, sunflower husk, prina, nut shell, etc. they are used in steam or heat production with solid fuels.

The front combustion chamber consists of a section consisting of water walls, which are essentially pipe construction and water pipes.

At the bottom of the front chamber there is a grate and burning system that allows the fuel to burn. Under the grate there is an ashtray or ash removal system.

Most of the radiation heat generated by the combustion of the fuel is taken in the water walls in the most efficient way.

Water pipes are made of high quality steel and seamless pipes and they are bent and shaped without any deformation in automatic machines.

Covers are available at the points required for maintenance inspection and cleaning.

The hot surfaces are insulated with glass wool or stone wool with the appropriate thickness and galvanized or aluminum sheet is coated with the appropriate thickness.