Travelling Conveyor Chain Grate Hybrid Steam Boilers
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Water tube and scotch boiler types are combined in the same body to form a hybrid boiler.

All parts are manufactured in required sizes as a result of detailed and precise calculations. The water tubes section is mounted on the travelling grate section. A large volume combustion chamber is formed on the travelling grate.

Scotch type boiler with water tubes section is connected with the help of main water collectors.

The large volume combustion chamber is necessary for the maximum level of flame length, flame radiation, heat radiation and combustion efficiency in solid fuels.

The scotch type boiler is designed as two-pass and is designed to achieve maximum efficiency for the required capacity. The smoke volume decreasing as the heat decreases is designed to pass at the optimum speed from the boiler. In the boiler, the passage ways of the flame were kept long and a large part of the heat energy caused by the combustion remained in the boiler and used in steam production.

Thanks to the larger volume of steam, the system can respond to peak steam traction instantly, while the water-tube section ensures rapid steam generation.

The replacement of the pipes of the boiler can be done very easily by opening the front and rear smoke boxes.