Travelling Conveyor Chain Grate Thermal Oil Heaters
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Nowadays, many branches of the industry need high temperatures and heat transfer systems that can work efficiently at these temperatures. Steam systems are able to respond to these needs by increasing them to certain pressure values. However, the pressure values required to reach high temperatures bring the steam systems to a disadvantage in terms of cost, efficiency and safety. Heat production and transfer at high temperatures can be ensured by thermal oil systems efficiently and safely. Hot oil systems are used in industrial plants to meet the need for high temperature fluid which cannot be reached by other alternative fluids at low pressure. Various thermic oils are used in thermal oil systems, which can be heated up to 250 ° C - 280 ° C without losing their properties. Due to the properties of the fluid used in the system, there is no efficiency reduction and maintenance failures such as corrosion and lime bonding in the installations and devices.